Facilitated by Karen Langman
Mondays  2:00 – 4:00 pm 
Fellowship Hall
"Every loving thought you allow to be cultivated in the garden of your own mind extends the good, the holy, and the beautiful."
This class uses the book, The Way of Mastery:  An illuminating guide to awakening as Christ.  An ongoing study group, the class explore the extraordinary and transformational teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus), who speaks not as a savior above you, but rather as a brother and a friend to gently and lovingly guide you to remember the Truth of your being.  The 35 lessons in this book are a pathway to forgiveness, self-love and the acceptance of the perfection of each moment, and are designed to return the mind to holiness - wholeness.  
This book has been referred to as the graduate program of A Course In Miracles.  
Books may be ordered through the Awakening Thoughts Bookstore for $35.00.  


HeartMath groups are meeting now.  Call the office for more information or if you are interested in joining.

Janet Carol Ryan, a Science of Mind Practitioner, says, “More than a pump, or the seat of sentimentality… the heart is a center of intelligence within us.  It has the capacity to increase our physiological, spiritual, and emotional well-being, and it has an important role in our evolving consciousness!”  HeartMath is a spiritual tool based in science.  The techniques that are learned through HeartMath practices will increase our ability to focus, process information, and solve problems.  It increases vitality and resilience while reducing stress, worry and fatigue.

Lon and Melinda Anderson, congregants who have used HeartMath, share their experiences.

Melinda shares,

“I am so thrilled to learn that we will be having a HeartMath workshop and HeartMath hub groups here at Unity of Prescott.  My husband, Lon, and I were introduced to HeartMath shortly after we discovered Unity in 2009, and it has made a profound difference in our lives.  The tools we learned are simple and very practical, yet profoundly spiritual in their effect.

We have both found the HeartMath techniques so helpful in dealing with all aspects of life – managing stress, relationships, health, finances, etc.  In fact, we used HeartMath tools every step of the way in making the decision to move to Arizona two years ago – including the real estate transaction itself! Lon has found that HeartMath has transformed the way he deals with people and potentially difficult situations in the business world. As a teacher, I used HeartMath to help me create a loving atmosphere in the classroom and, eventually, to make the decision to retire.

Lon and I found that participating in HeartMath groups and workshops over the years has helped us stay on the path, and we so value the connections we’ve made through these groups and activities.  We are so excited that we will be making more heart connections through HeartMath here at Unity of Prescott!”

Contact the office for more  information on any of our classes.