About Us

We Are Unity of Prescott

Unity of Prescott’s Core Values









Unity of Prescott’s Value Statements

Wisdom – We follow Spirit-guided knowledge and take action to provide stability and to support growth.

Friendship – In welcoming all who join us, we offer friendship, support, and goodwill.

Integrity – We embody the Unity Principles, thoughtfully, ethically, honestly, and conscientiously.

Spirituality – Through our connection and Oneness to Divine Energy, we transform our lives and recognize that we are whole and complete.

Compassion – We embrace all people with open hearts.

Honesty – We express our feelings and thoughts from our hearts.   We are with others without judgment and remain open to change.

Love – We express unconditional love, support and compassion through service.


Unity of Prescott’s Vision Statement

We envision a world, joyfully transformed through spiritual awakening.

Unity of Prescott’s Mission Statement

Our mission is to demonstrate spiritual principles, inspire personal growth, and share love and joy.