Bruce Fuller

Bruce jumped in with both feet when he found Unity of Prescott.  After a move across the country, he was referred to our spiritual community to find social activities and hasn’t looked back!

Born and raised in Bridgeport, CT, Bruce attended college at the University of Connecticut.  After he graduated with a degree in Horticulture, he married and raised his two sons in Hartford CT.  Then, after living in Boston, Bruce decided to move near a sister in Chino Valley, AZ in 2017.

Bruce had an early love of growing and hybridizing African violets after working with his supportive grandmother who raised and showed her award-winning violets.  He had a love of photography as well, and still does, but discovered that accounting and computer programming seemed a good fit for his career. 

Even though he worked in the software field, his love of the Arts, Photography and horticulture never left him.  He is always learning and trying new things, and desires to travel abroad.

Bruce easily demonstrates the concept of willingness and the idea that “You don’t know unless you try”!

As stated so well in the Daily Word*:

 “When I stretch myself to try something new, I discover adventures, communities, and new interests I wouldn’t have known.  Deep joy may result, and even if I decide that it isn’t for me – I’ve gained knowledge and expanding beyond my usual activities.”  *Aug 2017

This is how Bruce approaches his many interests. He is an active volunteer, when he isn’t working at his part time job with Footework.  He began as a Greeter on Sundays, which is a “great way to meet people.”  He then joined the Choir, helps in Fellowship on occasion, assists at the Unity Annual Picnic, is a member on the strategic team Physical Campus Environment and is the current Green Team Leader.

Bruce welcomes new people to Unity with a warm sincere smile.  He remembers how important it was to him when he first came on his own, and very quickly was noticed and encouraged to feel part of the Unity community.  He loves the size of our congregation that allows you to make new friends without being lost in the crowd.

He shares that he didn’t have this type of experience throughout his life with any other church. People at Unity invited him to help their groups and made him feel like he belonged.  He is experiencing growth – socially, spiritually and in his leadership skills.  We are very grateful for his time, talent and energy he shares with us each week. Thank you, Bruce, we are glad you found us!

Written by Bev Majerus The Meet a Volunteer column will be featured monthly. Nominations were accepted for consideration. To offer a possible candidate for this column, please email: