Jim Johnson

Born and raised in the Chicago area, near Midway and O’Hare airports, Jim was a city boy most of his life. Riding his bike for miles along the lakeshore was a favorite summer past time.  Jim was in the drum corps for ten years, playing the bugle, and although a lover of a great variety of music, he no longer plays!

Jim attended Northern Illinois University and earned his degree in English. After spending six months in France, Jim returned to work at a variety of jobs in the Chicago area.  With a glut in the teaching profession, he learned to diversify and ventured into a wide variety of employment opportunities.  His skills took him into restaurant management and with the downtown growth in Chicago during those years, he obtained a well-rounded background.

Shortly after getting married to Vicki, an opportunity led them to move to Seattle for eight years.  Creating a store front and managing sales for graphic artist M.C. Escher products, “The World of Escher” store was a team approach for the two of them. After too much ‘moss, mildew, and mushrooms’, and ready “to turn off the faucet”, they began to feel the draw to leave the rainy Northwest.  Spirit must’ve brought the man in line with them at Starbucks who just raved about Prescott Arizona and how he was moving there!!  He was like a “walking, talking, Chamber of Commerce”, Jim says.  Once their business became more ‘online’ and they could be mobile, Prescott became their home in 2002.

While in Seattle, a friend gave them the Daily Word; this was Jim’s first exposure to Unity as he was born and raised Catholic until his late teens.  He had already begun reading Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch, in which the author recommended Unity because it is more open and not dogmatic.  He and his family attended Unity of Seattle and it certainly helped in their decision to move here when they discovered there was a Unity of Prescott!

As a recent retiree, Jim is still adjusting to a new routine.  House projects, reading and playing pickleball or going to the YMCA, are becoming new patterns these days.  He has always loved the trails (hiking or biking), especially the Peavine Trail.  Jim continues to be an avid investor, an interest he began in his late twenties. Prior to retiring, Jim worked for Big Brothers Big Sisters for foruteen years and continues to mentor his former Little Brother, Steven, now age 22. 

Often seen as the quiet person behind the scenes, one might not often realize what an important role it is to be a long-term volunteer as a sound tech.  Jim has been a reliable and dedicated volunteer on Unity’s Audio/Visual team since he arrived at Prescott Unity.   He loves what he does and offers the advice to not be intimidated by the sound booth – it really is “just pushing buttons” and “we help you all along the way!”  The Audio/Visual Team is incredibly grateful for your ongoing support! 

Jim is currently the Chair of the Garden Annex committee and is doing a great job keeping meetings scheduled and information shared.  Over the last sixteen years, Jim has been very supportive of our Youth Programs, fundraisers and events.  His has volunteered with the Acker Park Clean up and recently assists Vicki in Fellowship once a month.  Don’t be surprised to see Jim around helping here and there.  We appreciate your commitment and reliability as you continue to serve our spiritual community.

Thank you from all your friends here at Unity!

Written by Bev Majerus The Meet a Volunteer column will be featured monthly. Nominations were accepted for consideration.

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