Larry McCoy

If looking into the eyes one sees another’s soul, in the eyes of Larry McCoy you will find kindness (and delight when he is singing).

Larry was born in Xenia, Ohio and lived there until attending college at the University of Cincinnati.  A year after graduating, he had an opportunity to offer the first, and only, pharmacy in the small community of Mt Orab, Ohio.  One of 5 children (who have remained close), he had one sister move to the Phoenix area which exposed him to Arizona.  He planned to relocate to Phoenix. However his sister moved to Chino Valley and, after visiting her, he fell in love with the Prescott area.  Larry built his home in Williamson Valley and has been a resident since 1999.

Larry continued to work for various pharmacies in our area, finally retiring in 2014.  He has been enjoying occasional golf, camping with friends and family and is deeply engaged in his love of singing. 

Since Junior high he has been in choral groups and church choirs, which continued throughout his adult life. He came from a dedicated Methodist background. Then in 2001 a friend suggested he visit our church.  He was immediately comfortable and knew it was what he was looking for. This bass singer is very active currently with the Prescott Chorale, Camerata Singers and of course the Unity of Prescott choir. 

His eyes sparkle when he shares some of his most recent experiences performing overseas with the Chorale in Spain, the Czech Republic, Germany and more.  As he describes a spontaneous opportunity to sing acapella in a cathedral in Toledo, Spain and the experience when they sang for a convent of cloistered nuns in their chapel, a surge of energy pulsed through this writer.  Larry still radiates the joy that this experience must have been in person.  The gift of reaching others through music is especially profound as he shares the impact of their music on a young girl passing in the streets of Madrid that day.  It changed her life.

It is no surprise that Larry loves to be unplanned and spontaneous in giving.  This is how he likes to live each day - whether helping someone at the store, a neighbor, or watching for the little things that can make a difference at any given moment.

He approaches his volunteering at Unity of Prescott in the same nonchalant way. He has been a GREETER at Unity for many years and loves greeting those attending our services.  He assists with the GREEN TEAM cleanup activities, such as the ADOT clean up and the Acker Park activities.  His passion for being on hand to help, continues as he assists the FACILITIES team.  When there is something that can be handled, even those small quick fixes, Larry is happy to help.

On a larger project level, after Wayne Cramer provided the new look for the sanctuary, Larry refers to himself as Wayne’s “Igor”.  He did whatever was needed to help hang, arrange or move, to help Wayne. Larry sees himself not as the engineer of these projects, but the ever-ready assistant.

You may have noticed a slight change in the seating in the Sanctuary recently.  That was Larry’s “little” idea to help stagger the seating so people could see the front better.

Larry has lived a life of ease and trust, with the knowledge that GOD is in his life, and in the world.  He states that what brings him peace every day is what we say in Unity:  “Wherever I am, God is, and all is well”.

We appreciate your sharing small ripples of kindness as they combine to bring the world the larger gift of love.

Written by Bev Majerus.  The Meet a Volunteer column will be featured monthly.     Nominations were accepted for consideration.         To offer a possible candidate for this column, please email: