MEET A VOLUNTEER - Linda "j" Juluarat



When you meet Linda for the first time, you have found a new friend.  She is a warm and loving spirit who is at her best when she is meeting someone for the first time. 

Linda was born in New York City.  Her Grandparents were immigrants from four different countries, and she is blessed with many joyful memories of living near the “Big Apple”.  As a child, she played on Coney Island, Jones Beach and climbed to the very tip of the torch of the Statue of Liberty when she was 10!  Ice skating at Rockefeller Center, and many more stories, still bring a smile as she shares memories of her childhood in New Jersey and New York City.

When Linda contemplates her multiethnic background, she appreciates the gifts her grandparents contributed to her life.  Especially her love of cooking and the pleasure it brings everyone.  As she says, “mangiamo” – “Let’s eat”, it’s in her blood!  If you have been to a Unity event in the last two years, you have tasted something from her kitchen!  She is always willing to share her love by preparing delicious chili, warm breads, baked goods and more. 

Linda met her husband Bob in high school and a year later became a Juralewicz.  A name difficult to pronounce, she has become known affectionately as Linda “J”.  Moves took them to Pennsylvania, and then Mesa and Gilbert, before retirement to Prescott Valley.  They love the climate and the people of our area, as well as the laid-back lifestyle.

During a dark time in her life, in the late 1990’s, Linda was introduced to Unity. Unity taught her that she was inherently “good”, and “more than enough”, and with this new awareness she found the strength to leave an abusive work situation.  With almost 20 years in Unity, and numerous classes, she hopes to complete her education in 2020 to be a Licensed Unity Teacher.  Linda was involved in Unity of Tempe for seventeen years, where she served in many administrative roles, as well as Youth Education Director for three years.  She committed herself to the Unity principles for spiritual growth and personal empowerment.

She is passionate about helping women, coming through a period of doubt and low confidence herself, she now wants to do everything she can to help women realize their full potential. Being a Life Coach is currently a strong desire.  When asked what advice she would give someone facing deep doubt, she says with an easy smile; Christopher Robin’s beloved quote: “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think”!

Once Linda moved here, she immediately saw a need to update the guest welcome packets and created new materials about our ministry, as well as our Youth Program, to share on Sundays.  Linda is a natural Welcome Ambassador and began greeting at both services in her warm and sincere manner.

When the WOMEN’s groups started forming again, Linda eagerly offered to help with the first year’s planning team and has become known as the “go to” person for décor and…of course…. food.  She has served on the Weekend Retreat Team and Monthly Potluck Team. She is currently the GREETER Team Coordinator and assists in FELLOWSHIP. As an OFFICE volunteer she creates the monthly calendar of events for those who do not use electronics. Whenever a need arises, and Linda learns of it, she answers without hesitation;  “Of course, I’d be happy to!”  Unity showed Linda how to accept grace and her own self-worth and she is filled with gratitude!  We appreciate you Linda, thank you for your gifts and your dedication to our ministry.

Written by Bev Majerus.  The Meet a Volunteer column will be featured monthly.  Nominations were accepted for consideration.

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