Miguel Villa

When you meet a person who has been touched and awakened to the blessings of allowing and choosing peace, that is our friend Miguel.

Born in Woodland, California, Miguel spent his childhood and early adult life in the same community.  Prescott is the only other place he has called “home”.  At 15½ he was given the choice to go to summer school or get a job – and he has been working ever since.

Even then he loved to work on “early” style electronics as a hobby and tinker with fixing things.  He was in the right place at the right time, when a position opened in an IT (Information Technology) department that needed skills he had in warehouse quality control.  And, they even paid for the training!

Following this opportunity has led him to where he is today, currently on staff with Embry Riddle Aeronautical University as a Network Engineer.  Miguel says he loves what he does for a “living”. 

If you spend even a brief time with Miguel, you cannot miss how devoted he is to his children and wife, Gabi.

Challenging circumstances had the family looking to relocate from the climate of California.  Searches took them to Colorado and Arizona and after two visits spirit started opening the way for them with one synchronicity after another. When they were seriously considering Prescott, he applied to Embry Riddle and the large part of the “how” was answered with employment. This was in July 2012.

By the fall of 2012, Miguel shares that Gabi approached the subject of raising the children in a spiritual community.  She had watched a few videos of the minister at Unity of Prescott and wanted to check us out.

At the young age of twelve Miguel had pulled away from his Catholic background. He knew this was good for his children and they attended a service in which – as spirit is known to do – he was moved beyond words and couldn’t believe the depth of his feelings.  These messages were real and spoke to his inner knowledge of our inherent good.

Miguel never would have guessed how blessed his life could be.  By learning the Unity principles and the lessons of Unity, he believes all his relationships have improved and are more peaceful.  Whether at work, home, with extended family or strangers, all have been affected by the shift (likely in himself), of the fundamental knowledge that he alone has a choice where he puts his energy.  He knows he alone chooses his response and where he places his attention.

He and Gabi first began volunteering as Greeters – a great way to get to know others at Unity.  He has been involved with and supported the Youth, through fundraisers and other events.  The impact that raising their children in Unity has made is once again of deep significance to Miguel.  He is filled with gratitude and appreciation for the lessons that his two children will take into adult life.

Upon learning of his skill set, he was asked to join the Audio/Visual team and has been helping with Sunday services for five years now.  Miguel has been tremendous help in offering his services around the Unity campus; solving computer issues for the office staff, adding new equipment and extending our Wi-Fi to include the education building and more.

We are deeply appreciative of your love and dedication Miguel.  Your gift to Unity is larger than the time in the “booth” – it is the sincere way you treat everyone with respect and kindness.  Thank you for sharing with us all.

Written by Bev Majerus.  The Meet a Volunteer column will be featured monthly.     Nominations were accepted for consideration.         To offer a possible candidate for this column, please email: