Neill Kuehn  

Neill was born and raised in the heart of Hollywood.  Beverly Hills and Southern California were her home for most of her childhood.  Although tragedy brought her to live with her grandparents as a toddler, the years have brought her deep affection and appreciation for their love, dedication and influence.

Familial relationships have been her focus her entire life.  A mother (often a single mother) of four girls, Neill states she received as much as she gave in life’s lessons and the connection we share with Spirit, with and through the connections with the girls.  “A knowledge of being of oneness.”

She was blessed with an early role model who taught her mindful meditation and moving away from engaged behavior towards being an observer. Through this experience she was able to learn to rely on Spirit to guide her life and decisions.

Throughout her life, she found respite in the arts. Ballet as a child, the Pasadena Playhouse during college, and sketching and painting became coping outlets during the years raising her children.  Even after entering graduate school, she found direction and comfort through nature and the arts. 

Her organizational and leadership skills served her well in the business world.  Many opportunities were utilized that expressed this side of her talents; yet always in the background, her love for mother earth and expression through the arts kept her in better balance. 

Neill is committed to ongoing education.  She has taught elementary school, assisted students obtaining a GED and until this fall, has tutored students in writing at YCC.  She is a natural educator – much because she has a thirst for knowledge herself.  Attending Unity Spirit groups each year feeds her hunger for Spiritual growth and education.

Raised in a Christian Science home with dedicated years of study, she eventually desired to learn more and blend her understanding between multiple disciplines.  She moved to Prescott in 1998, and Spirit guided Neill and Fred to live near “our lovely church” where she began attending regularly. She has remained involved and participating ever since. 

Initially she created banners and artwork for Unity.  You can still see the beauty of her work in Fellowship Hall today!  Neill has been actively involved the Green Team over the years, in different capacities.  Recently she was the Team Coordinator for three years. The efforts of this team are very close to Neill’s heart.  She feels a true connection between Unity and care for our earth. She believes it is part of our spiritual life and journey to take action and become deeply dedicated and involved in care for our world.

Fellowship is also where Neill found a home to contribute.  She loves the ongoing commitment and the social opportunities available by serving as a volunteer in Fellowship Hall once a month.  Neill shares her time with those in need as a volunteer on the TLC Team, helping with Unity picnics, Bingo and Greeting.  We are richly blessed by Neill’s ongoing dedication and commitment and we join in saying “thank you for being the blessing you are”!