Scott is a sincere, quiet, spirit, who has discovered that an open heart brings the rewards of feeling deeply, expressing compassion, and living with hope. 

Scott has a deep personal connection with spirit, enjoying serendipitous moments and allowing life to unfold. “Row, Row, Row, your boat “GENTLY” down the stream”, sums it up, he says.

Surrendering to the process, and trusting that God will provide, is something he learned by his late 20’s.

Born in Pennsylvania, his father owned a construction business. By the age of 10, Scott’s family moved to Tempe AZ, where his father wisely determined he could work year-round, with the mild winter season.  Scott attended Arizona State University and graduated with honors and a degree in Engineering.  Almost immediately an opportunity presented itself and he became a small business owner of a Motorcycle rental agency.  These were hard working years where he eventually encountered the same issue of seasonal business cycles.

He made Prescott his home in the 1980’s, loving the forest and convenient location.  At this time Scott nurtured his family by being a house husband and remodeling their home.  New opportunities developed in the trades and this “degreed handyman” had found a career that allowed creative expression, self-motivation and flexible hours.  He repeatedly expresses his gratitude for his many blessings, and for the opportunity to enjoy his career, friends and clients.  Scott and his partner Joan (whom he refers to as his best friend and buddy) love to travel, and he recalls his first trip overseas was with a group from Unity, to Bali. He taught yoga for 20 years, enjoys reading, kayaking and is in the middle of rebuilding an old RV. He mentions his grandchildren often & how much he enjoys the precious times he can be with them. Thank goodness for Skype!

Scotts first experience with Unity was motivated for the children, wanting exposure to spiritual teachings.  He volunteered in the nursery with the little ones, which he has a deep affection for.  “Young children are sensitive and honest” he says as he shares a deeply moving moment with one little girl.  The experience was so profound, it opened his heart in new ways, and he began joining the services in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings.  He found Unity to be “inclusive and presented a broad view of cultural and spiritual wisdom”.

Ever use the elevator at Unity?  Appreciate the additional bathroom upstairs?  Remodeled bathrooms downstairs, new walls, or simply adding lights or changing a switch – these are due to Scott’s vast range of knowledge and skill.  Being the team leader of the FACILITIES team, he often takes on the task himself before anyone else is needed. His impact is felt in every corner.

Scott’s eyes smile when he talks about the joy he receives from singing.  He has been in the UNITY CHOIR for over 10 years and sings with the YCC choir and the POPS Symphony. “Singing is like praying two times you know?”  He is a GREETER at Sunday services and is presently serving a second term as a Unity BOARD Trustee.

He is man who walks in gratitude, with appreciation and an awe about life and it’s unfolding in divine order.  Those “angels on your shoulders” are very pleased Scott and so are we.  Thank you for generously sharing your time and talents with your Unity community.  We love and appreciate you.

Written by:  Bev Majerus The Meet a Volunteer column will be featured monthly. Nominations were accepted for consideration. To offer a possible candidate for this column, please email: